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Answers to Your Questions

Does SEO really work?

We personally used to believe that SEO was not something very important in the beginning. But as we started gaining more experience, we came to realize that it was a pretty important Digital Marketing Technique. We at SpaceRocket Creations haven’t just started SEO by watching some videos. We started SEO with experience and we continue to improve it everyday. There are many SEO ‘Experts’ out there who would just convince you that they will improve ranking of your website on Google but the truth is, they’ll just run a free tool on your website every week and the search engines aren’t even affected by it. Truth is, there is no tool which would automate SEO for you, and we have our team manually doing everything so that you get the best results!

How long does it really take to see the results?

See, we want to be as transparent as possible, so we’ll be honest, It’s difficult to comment without understanding where your site stands at the moment and the industry you are operating in. Always keep in mind that SEO is a marathon in which you don’t want to sprint. Moreover, certain industries and keywords take more time to rank than others. But, with consistent efforts, every mountain can be scaled. Typically, a duration of 4 months to 1 year is recommended to see visible results.

Do I get a monthly report?

Most of our Competitors will offer you a monthly report where they only have to work for a few days in the end in order to use a free tool and derive links which won’t even help you. To tackle this fraud, we bring you the concept of WEEKLY REPORTS! Yup. You heard it right! We will provide you with weekly reports, audit reports and suggestion reports as well! Our Weekly Reports include the links that we create and we assure you that all the content we create for the links, you won’t find it anywhere else because it would be freshly baked in our ‘Idea Factory’.

Can I customize the packages as per my requirements?

The answer to this is exactly what you’re expecting. A big YES! Just send us a customized package and we promise to send you a quotation for it within 24 hours. We really don’t want people to just get what is there on the packages, so every package on our website is highly customize-able according to our Client’s needs.

Does these services draw organic traffic to website?

Let’s work this one out logically. We will suggest you a list of keywords that are most searched on google and if you’ve opted for competitor analysis, then it will be a cherry on top! We will provide you a report where you will see where your competitor stands and which keywords they are focused on. And it’s pretty simple logic, if there are 1,000 searches per month on google in which a certain key-phrase is used and your website is optimized on top for that keyword, then have you ever thought about jumping to the next page on Google results? 😉