App Store Optimization (ASO)

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Target All The Right Keywords

Our App Store Optimization Services use keyword triggers in your app name, title, description and associated fields, so ensure that you spend time researching the best keywords to use and that you revisit them at regular intervals for optimization opportunities.

Organic Optimization is our foundation.

The key ingredient missing from many ASO marketing delivery approaches is organic search optimization and integration of app stores within the broader marketing mix. There is more overlap with ASO and SEO than there is direct competition between the two. Lots of the traditional search engine optimization tactics that work for SEO gains can also be directly applied to ASO.

Answers to Your Questions

Does ASO uses similar techniques as SEO?

The answer to this question is simply a No. ASO is often compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), aiming at optimizing website’s visibility in search engines. However, if both of these rely on the same core principle, they do not work in the exact same way and some particularities need to be pointed out. So no, App Store Ranking is not the same as Website Ranking.

What is the Primary Goal of ASO?

See, we want to be as transparent as possible, so we’ll be honest, It’s difficult to comment without understanding where your site stands at the moment and the industry you are operating in. Always keep in mind that SEO is a marathon in which you don’t want to sprint. Moreover, certain industries and keywords take more time to rank than others. But, with consistent efforts, every mountain can be scaled. Typically, a duration of 4 months to 1 year is recommended to see visible results.

Do I need to do some changes in my app to support ASO

No, of-course not. It’s really simple. See, if you have chosen a Title for your app, then all you need to stick with it. If you have a unique description, then stick with it. As far as the source code is concerned, you don’t need any changes to it.

Do keywords in review affect ASO?

We know that there is a Myth going on about keywords, stating that they’re not that important, but we would like to bust it and tell you honestly and subtly that KEYWORDS ARE IMPORTANT. The truth of the matter is that keywords matter quite a bit. Keywords are important enough to place in your title and in your description. Again, to reference my point above, don’t stuff it. But use keywords.